Land developer
We combine land with exceptional projects, creating a happy city

We have received distinctions:
Brylant Polskiej Gospodarki [Diamond of the Polish Economy] 2020,
Efektywna Firma [Efficient Company] 2020,
Gepardy Biznesu [Cheetahs of Business] 2020 and Mocna Firma Godna Zaufania [Strong and Trustworthy Company] 2020
Why is it worth choosing our company

We have successfully conducted operations in the real estate market for several years. We buy real estate on a mass scale, making decisions very quickly.


We are a joint-stock company which ensures safety, transparency and professionalism. All transactions are carried out on clear and understandable terms and conditions; furthermore, if you want to get full support in the sales process, our consultants are always at your disposal to explain any possible ambiguities and contractual provisions. Several hundred customers from all over Poland have already put their trust in us.


When we purchase real estate, this guarantees a fast and safe transaction. If you want to sell a house, an apartment, premises or a plot of land, you will be best off doing it with us. We know how to ensure full satisfaction to our customers due to the experience gained and standards developed over the years. We are always reliable when it comes to the settlement of our accounts.


We are always at our customers’ disposal. Our consultants will always help you in carrying out a transaction and they will answer all of your questions. We have acquired extensive experience and knowledge of trading in real estate and we keep track of market changes and watch closely all major market trends. We make investments in our personnel and employ the best experts from the industry to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers.


We combine land with exceptional projects, creating a happy city.

Sell – how it works
At our company, we care for every detail, even the smallest one, and we guarantee highest quality services
Several hundred customers have already put their trust in us
We are open to our customers’ needs, we are ready to help and give advice
Offers of real estate

Check out our real estate offering. We have an attractive offering of land, with building permits, where you may start construction right after the purchase.

Inwestuj w nieruchomości

W związku z dynamicznym rozwojem naszej działalności poszukujemy inwestorów finansowych zainteresowanych zarabianiem na pewnych inwestycjach, jakimi są nieruchomości.

About us

We are a robust joint-stock company aiming to increase the value of purchased real estate by preparing it comprehensively to the construction process, including by providing an architectural and construction design and obtaining final building permits with other necessary administrative decisions. We acquire real estate all over Poland, with a particular focus on northern Poland, where we come from. We have gained extensive experience in the real estate business.
About us
Completed projects
Gdańsk Wałowa II

Flipping – Wałowa


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