About us

We are a dynamically operating joint-stock company which aims to increase the value of purchased real estate by preparing it comprehensively to the construction process, including architectural and construction design and obtaining final building permits with other necessary administrative decisions. We acquire real estate all over Poland, with a particular focus on northern Poland, where we come from. We have gained extensive experience in the real estate business.

As a team, we transform every day our acquired expertise and experience into an added value which we intend to pass on to our customers. We believe that our offering will satisfy all of your expectations.

Our mission is:

As a team, we create new standards for performed investments, responding to diversified residential needs and building a happy city.

Our vision is:

Alter Investment achieves the leading position by caring about the quality of each detail of its activity on an ongoing basis.

Meet our team

It is made up of people with long-term experience in the real estate industry
and spectacular successes achieved by them. Due to them but also due to the professionals making up the company’s personnel, Alter Investment has dynamically grown from the beginning of its existence.

Damian Tomasik

As an acute observer of the real estate market in Poland, he found a niche in flipping: purchasing at attractive prices old premises, often in bad state of repair, restoring them to make them magnificent by overhauls in accordance with plans prepared by architects, arranging them as turn-key properties and selling them profitably. He turned flipping into the company’s flywheel, which he used to accumulate capital to launch a land development business. For now, Alter Investment operates mainly in the Tri-City but is has completed some investment projects elsewhere in Poland.

Aleksandra Tomasik

She has acquired her experience in the real property market since 2013. At first, she was an intermediary in real estate trading at Metrohouse S.A. The next step in her career came in 2015, when she founded Alter Investment S.A. where she was responsible for developing flipping products. Her sense of esthetics and organizational skills gave the company a competitive advantage in this area. Aleksandra and Damian’s combined competences resulted in launching a land development enterprise as part of the family business.

Grzegorz Dawid
Managing Director

Lawyer, with numerous completed post-graduate studies in management (including MBA – with distinction) and finance (including Executive Studies in Finance – with distinction). In the past, he was a prosecutor, legal advisor, and then managing director and management board member in a number of companies, leading in their industries (including Press Glass S.A. and Kler S.A.).

Adam Błaszczyk
Manager for Projects Development

Graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Warsaw Academy of Real Estate Management. He supervised the construction of residential, public utility and infrastructural facilities. He discharged the functions of site manager, contract manager, contract group manager, investor’s supervision inspector. In recent years, he planned and prepared development investments as well as organized and supervised construction and investment processes as a project leader and consulting engineer.

Anna Pawlus
Manager for Projects Development

Graduate of the Architectural Department at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Since 2015, she has delivered numerous arrangement designs of private and public spaces. She attaches great importance to combining functionality with an attractive appearance of the solutions she designs. She is involved in all stages of investment projects executed by Alter Investment: from participating in the design process to supervising the performance of on-site work.

Karolina Plata

Graduate of the Architectural Department at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Experienced in the field of historic facilities and in the preparation of project documentation for public utility buildings and multi-family residential architecture. Currently, she is improving her qualifications in project management by participating in a formal training program. Precise and meticulous, she attaches great importance to ensuring a high quality of all solutions she proposes.

Anna Masztalerek
Head of the Management Board Office – the Company’s Representative

Lawyer and engineer. Graduate of Catholic University of Lublin and Gdynia Maritime University. A high-class specialist with a wealth of experience in administration, offshore industry, legal and corporate governance, compliance management and business ethics. She has multiple years of experience in working for the legal department of a multinational company, cooperating with corporate authorities, managing risk and legal policies and group corporate governance.

Alicja Bukowska

Graduate of the University of Gdańsk, Master of law and bachelors in Sociology. She has gained professional experience in administration in private and State Treasury-owned companies. She worked as a flight attendant for three years where she learned to handle difficult customers and work under time pressure. Open and ambitious in the pursuit of her goals, she is not afraid of new challenges and is always ready to help.

Our values

Alter Investment S.A. is a company whose activity

is based on unique values.


We became involved in flipping activity, that is repairing and fitting out apartments on the secondary market, when this kind of service enjoyed little popularity. The dynamic growth of our company shows that we have chosen the right way. All the time, however, we continue to investigate market trends. Among them, we are looking for opportunities for ourselves and our customers. The real estate market changes rapidly. Our results indicate that so far we have managed to catch up with these changes. This is confirmed by our next projects in the field of land development


We employ experienced specialists who constantly train themselves and deepen their knowledge. Therefore, we may offer to you the best product at an attractive price. We operate on the market in accordance with developed and secure procedures, to ensure full professional service to our customers.


Our customer does not have to be an expert on the real estate market because our employees provide advice and assistance: they will handle all the purchasing or selling process, explain contractual provisions, show investment opportunities. When we buy real property, we offer free-of-charge valuation. The trust is capital which pays off for both parties. Customers go safely and efficiently through the process of purchasing or selling real estate, while we get their satisfaction, which makes it easier to persuade other customers.


We are an efficiently operating company, due to which all the decisions are made quickly. In practice, we follow the wisdom expressed by the saying of Publilius Syrus: “He doubly benefits the needy who gives quickly”. Therefore when you sell real property to us, you may be sure that you will receive the cash as soon as possible. In the case of investments or operations on the primary market, we also act immediately.


The real estate engages capital on a long-term basis, therefore it is important to recognize the risk and minimize it. By observing the market and securing niches on it, we diversify investments. This protects the capital, both ours and that of investors cooperating with us. In the case of purchasers, we also provide certainty, because we perform an investment project from the beginning to the end from the capital held for that purpose and using subsidiaries of Alter Investment.


We listen to our customers and make efforts to adjust to their needs. If you want to invest your capital, you can choose the model you will use to cooperate with us. If you seek real estate, you will find in our offering, both apartments just built, and repaired, brought to an excellent condition which they did not have even just after being built.

We cooperate