Sell real estate

We are a joint-stock company operating on the real estate market. We offer to our customers the quickest transactions at the best price, at the same time ensuring that the executed agreements are safe. If you are interested in selling a real property, please let us know. Our expert will contact you immediately to make an appointment.


We will buy your apartment with a guarantee of an attractive price and safety of the transaction. We are able to buy any apartment regardless of its legal status, whether it is private ownership, cooperative ownership with or without a land and mortgage register, council apartment, one in debt, with tenants.


We can complete the entire procedure – free-of-charge valuation, all formalities, payment of the sale price – in 3 days. We also purchase mortgaged houses, those with incurred debt and in need of repairs.


We purchase retail, service and office premises quickly, safely and at attractive prices. The sales price is paid immediately, and we can complete the whole procedure in a few days.


We value the property free of charge, proposing fair and transparent terms and conditions of the transaction, we offer legal support, and we pay the amount due as agreed. We may also increase the value of your real estate, and then sell it.

Why is it worth choosing our company

We have successfully conducted operations in the real estate market for several years. We buy real estate on a mass scale, making decisions very quickly.


We are a joint-stock company which ensures safety, transparency and professionalism. All transactions are carried out on clear and understandable terms and conditions; furthermore, if you want to get full support in the sales process, our consultants are always at your disposal to explain any possible ambiguities and contractual provisions. Several hundred customers have already put their trust in us.


When we purchase real estate, this guarantees a fast and safe transaction. If you want to sell a house, an apartment, premises or a plot of land, you will be best off doing it with us. We know how to bring full satisfaction to our customers due to the experience we have gained and the standards we have developed over the years, in a manner that is safe for both parties to the transaction. We are always reliable when it comes to the settlement of our accounts.


We are always at our customers’ disposal. Our consultants will always help you in carrying out a transaction and they will answer all of your questions. We have extensive experience and knowledge of trading in real estate and we keep track of market changes and trends. We make investments in our personnel and employ the best experts from the industry to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers.

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