Lofty Kurpińskiego
Gdańsk Kurpińskiego 1A
Gdańsk Kurpińskiego 1A
Property Type:
W realizacji
Metraże lokali/mieszkań
12-340 m2
Description of the property

The investment project emerges in a district of Suchanino, with a good transport connection to the center of Wrzeszcz, as well as to the central district of Gdańsk, Śródmieście, not only by car but also by public transport. The location in a district existing for years ensures access to expanded infrastructure – access to stores, service points, health care system, schools. It is near the Morena Shopping Center and the Technological and Scientific Park.

The building will contain 30 micro-apartments with areas from 12 to 28 sqm. Some of them have been designed as micro-lofts, over 5.2 m high, with mezzanines. On the ground floor and basement story, service establishments will be located.

On the roof, an attractive area will be arranged, where the residents will have opportunities to spend time together. Benches, tables, resting places surrounded by greenery are planned there to become an area of integration and spending time together.

The concept of co-living came to Poland from English-speaking countries.  It is becoming popular among young people, first of all young professionals, especially those who have not started up a family. Such people do not want, however, rent apartments equipped with old furniture but at the same time they cannot afford their own apartments.

What exactly is co-living?

Every tenant has a comfortably arranged and every functional apartment: a bedroom with an adjoining kitchen and a bathroom. The essence of co-living is that all tenants have also access to common areas, excellently arranged and equipped in a modern manner, such as a roof terrace. For persons wishing to rest or see friends, an area of over 400 m2 will be provided. Units on the ground floor will additionally provide supplementary services.

Using the common areas integrates the community and reduces the lease expenses, which are shared by all the tenants. With that, it does not cause conflicts because maintenance and cleaning is included in the lease charges. The residents may focus on their own occupations, work or entertainment and at the same time, which is very important for this generation, have access to a fully equipped space and company for various activities also those in which they participate together.

What’s the investor’s role?

The model assumes that earning profits is equally convenient and problem-free as living in the apartments is for tenants. After investing funds and completing the project, the ongoing management of the real property is taken over by a specialized company which handles lease and its service. The company negotiates with the tenants, maintains the real property and pays out profits to each investor owning a separate unit.


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